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Shenzhen Huashengxing Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.
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Sản Phẩm chính: Xử lý các bộ phận CNC, xử lý các bộ phận không chuẩn, xử lý máy tiện CNC, xử lý máy tiện xe tự động, xử lý máy phay CNC
ODM services availableYears in industry(12)Testing instruments (8)Minor customization
Shenzhen Huashengxing Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise specializing in machining and manufacturing, providing O E M,O D M, lathe processing, milling machine processing, CNC parts manufacturing, customized non-standard parts manufacturing, research and development, sales, service and other comprehensive services. Founded on 2011, the company is committed to providing high-quality precision engineering solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers. We are I S O 9 0 0 1 certified, ensuring that our processes meet international standards. With advanced CNC machining capabilities and specialized 3D printer component manufacturing, we are at the forefront of technological advances. Our goal is to further expand our business in other countries of the world, provide best-in-class processing solutions to our global customers.Lathe machining: We use the most advanced lathe to provide precision and efficient machining solutions according to customer requirements. Milling machine processing: Our skilled technicians use advanced milling machines to process complex parts with high precision.CNC Parts Manufacturing: Using our expertise in computer numerical control (CNC), we manufacture high quality custom parts for a variety of industries. Custom non-standard parts manufacturing: We are specialized in the design and production of custom non-standard parts to meet the unique requirements of customers. Research and Development: Our team of experienced engineers constantly explore innovative technologies and materials to drive progress in the machining industry. Sales and Service: We have a dedicated sales team dedicated to providing excellent customer support and resolving queries in a timely manner. Our company is a trusted industry leader in the field of machining, manufacturing and custom parts manufacturing. Focusing on precision, innovation and customer satisfaction, we consistently deliver high quality products and services. To find out mor.